Tabrez pirani
from : andhra pradesh , india
Professional profile

Creative artist with a recognized talent conveying personalities,emotions,movement,collaborates well with other to generate and execute ideas within tight deadlines.
earned a reputation for dedication,intelligence,creative,hardwork and going above to help team mates.

Technical skills:

Software- 3d maya,photoshop,flash,game maker,after effects.
graphics: lighting,camera work,basic animation,concept art,story board,game design,level design,dynamics,effects.
Personal experience:


Did a level designing , game designing and a part of making for this newly formed game developer,
and developed the character movement,bullet hit rates and values.
for the game , Battle of Airway ..


certificate in animation design : certificate internship as game designer from tharros game studio .
created one short flim nominated for indian flim festival .Aashayein – A Desire..(Short film) , did a shooting for the telangana survey, freelance in graphic design, and internship in gaming studio..

graduate from loyola degree and pg college, andhra pradesh secundrabad,



Sometimes, She felt choke , she was broken.
she just wanted to get rid of everything.
she wanted to cradel and cry and shout at how unfair it was,
but she coudn’t ,
because it wasen’t just she who was suffering,
it was her last breath,
she got faint on his shoulders and there souls were apart ..                     THE NOTEBOOK (WATTY) ..


Once she was a complete stranger and when we became friends we ended just being friend,
i wanted to tel her
“I knew the second i saw you there was something about you turns out it wasn’t something about you at all.
It was just You.
I’ve never had a moment’s dought.
ardently i admire and LOVE YOU but i coudn’t express them and you’ve slipped under my skin,
plunder my blood and seized my heart.
and when the morning sunrise i found you beside me
Forswear it, glimpse! For I ne’er saw true beauty until i 
Found you.”

                                                                                                                                     THE NOTEBOOK(WATTY)